Checklist for printing and binding thesis or dissertation

Checklist for printing and binding the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation

Printing and binding is for everyone, before they cross the home straight and can hold the good piece, the bachelor thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation, specialist work, housework or Matura work in their own hands. The careful editing of the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation, a formatting, plagiarism check, the rewriting or possibly an Audi transcription, translation or the creation of graphics and tables always follows the printing and binding.

Often, university guidelines apply to pressure and bonding, which can be read in the examination regulations and which one should absolutely adhere to. For example, certain aspects of the design for printing and binding as well as the number of copies to be submitted are specified. Nevertheless, there is room for individual decisions. Appearance, feel, handling and readability are the decisive criteria for printing and binding.

However, when printing and binding in a professional, high-quality, practical and enjoyable way to end up holding a proud result, one should consider a few things.

  1. Online printing or copy shop for printing and binding a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation?

When printing and binding, both online printers and copy shops have advantages and disadvantages. Visiting a copy shop requires a little more time than buying-click on the net and allows an ideal price comparison for printing and binding. For this one has sample copies in a copy shop, which one can also touch as a decision aid. In addition, the walk to the Cops-shop is of course more immediate and you can quickly get to the finished copies of your own bachelor thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation. Online you have a wider choice and can easily send the result after printing and binding home – convenient it does not work.

  1. Binding and paper strength of a master’s thesis, bachelor thesis or dissertation

As a binding copy shops and online printers usually offer a metal ring binding (spiral binding), a plastic ring binding, a perfect binding, a magazine binding and a book binding. While a Hardco connection exudes classic elegance after printing and binding, a metal ring binding is above all pleasant to handle.

When printing but comes in any case, the decision for the paper thickness. It may sound pedantic, but the hands are reading along. A thin 75 to 80 gsm paper is not only more susceptible to dog-ears, wrinkles and wrinkles, it also feels less solid after printing and tying. While a paper thickness of 100 g / m² already feels good in the hand, a thickness of 120 g / m² also allows two-sided printing due to less translucency.

  1. Print the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation

Print – one-sided or double-sided? No matter how the decision is made here – a bound text always starts on the right side. The same should apply to a new chapter when printing. In this context, it is important to consider the changing or consistent position of the page numbers and the intentional insertion or removal of blank pages before printing.

Whether color printing is necessary for printing depends on the amount and type of graphic representations and other image material within the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation. Printing a color chart or photo black and white should be avoided.

Printing the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation can usually be completed within a few hours. While online providers also need at least 24 hours for express shipping after printing and binding, the finished printed work in copy shops can sometimes be picked up after only two hours.

When printing and binding, however, the price range for the costs is considerable. Depending on binding, paper thickness, color or black-and-white printing and the time available, 40 DIN A4 pages can cost between 25 and 65 euros.

The printing and binding of a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation should be as much attention as research and writing. Printing and binding as the last meters of a marathon are just as important as the first ones. Impeccable printing, and a handsome binding give the work the finishing touch and are therefore essential. Choosing an opportunity to print and bind trust is the final point on the to-do list for the bachelor thesis, master thesis, or dissertation – just after formatting, plagiarism check, audio transcription, translation, rewriting, creation of Graphics and tables!